Hi, I am Aneri Shah

A developer, problem-solver, amateur designer and a writer (hopefully!)

I love building and creating interesting things with technology. Contact me if you’re building something interesting

About Me

I am a Computer Science student pursuing my Masters at the University of Southern California. I am interested in cryptocurrency and mobile development.

I really enjoy mobile app development and have worked with mobile technologies - Reactive Kotlin, Java etc., over the past few years. I am also a full stack web developer and have worked previously with React, Angular, Node and Flask.

I am a curious person, I love reading and believe that continuous learning is essential for growth!

Check out my resume or get in touch if you’re looking for someone who is passionate about building products!

My non-tech skills

Scrolling aimlessly on Twitter
Being bright and chatty without morning coffee
Reading, reading and reading some more
Browsing Netflix/Hulu
Dancing in public
Having conversations with new folks

Know me better!

1. What's my favorite thing about Software Development?

I love the fact that I can create and develop something can be used by millions of people across the world, and can change lives. I also enjoy the combination of creativity, logic and problem solving involved in Software development

2. What do I do when I'm not coding?

I'll mostly be reading a book, scrolling through Twitter or watching a new show on Netflix/Hulu

3. Which are my comfort-binge TV shows?

Brooklyn nine-nine, HIMYM or Seinfeld

4. What is my greatest strength?

It's my ability to constantly be curious, learn continuously and be receptive to new perspectives.

5. What's my biggest weakness?

I bang my head for hours before seeking help from someone who could probably unblock me withing a few minutes. (Have recently started using Timeboxing as suggested by my manager and mentor and it helps)

Want to connect? Send me an email at anerish3@gmail.com. Or connect with me on